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A VIII-a Conferinţă WASOG: Gdansk, Polonia, 2-4 iunie 2016

Irina Strâmbu
The World Association for Sarcoidosis and Other Granulomatosis, founded 25 years ago in Milan as a professional group dedicated mostly to the study of sarcoidosis, widely diversified its spectrum of interests in the past decades, has grown into the main international organism dedicated to all interstitial lung diseases (ILD). WASOG can be considered also as a group of good friends that meet periodically in WASOG meetings, but also during all the big respiratory congresses, to confront what is new in ILDs and slowly, but relentlessly, push forward the knowledge in this domain. Many of the most celebrated researchers and clinicians of ILDs were present in Gdansk: Marjoleine Drent (Netherlands), Ganesh Raghu (Washington), Athol Wells (London), Katerina Antoniou (Heraklion), Vincent Cottin (Lyon), Ulrich Costabel (Essen), Bruno Crestani (Paris), Daniel Culver (Cleveland), Robert Baughman (Cincinnati), Francesco Bonella (Essen), Jan Grutters (Netherlands), Sara Tomasetti (Forli), Antje Prasse (Hannover), Wim Wuyts (Leuven), Luca Richieldi (Southampton), Imre Noth (Chicago), Michael Kreuter (Heidelberg), Arata Azuma (Tokyo), etc. The hosts were also well represented by several physicians dedicated to management of ILDs, sarcoidosis and lung transplantation. Professor Anna Dubaniewicz from Gdansk University, chair of the organizing committee, was the heart of the conference. The conference focused on sarcoidosis, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, rare ILDs and other ILDs. It also hosted a poster session, with the 3 best posters being rewarded. For us, the two Romanian representatives in this high level conference, Claudia Toma and myself, it was a genuine session of CME, but also a networking opportunity and a perfect environment for making friends.

Conferinţa de ecografie pleurală – o nouă provocare pentru pneumologi

Florin Mihălţan, Gabriela Jimborean, Edith Simona Ianosi
Conferinţa de ecografie pleurală – o nouă provocare pentru pneumologi
The First National Conference of Pleural Pathology was held in Tirgu-Mures, between March 24 and March 26, 2016. The event, organized by “The Working Group for Pleural Pathology of The Romanian Society of Pneumology (RSP)” in partnership with the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tirgu-Mures under the aegis of the Romanian College of Physicians, featured a new approach to current trends in the diagnosis and complex treatment of pleural disease.