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Tuberculosis in Romania

Tuberculosis in children in Romania

Cristian Didilescu, Nicoleta Cioran, Domnica Chiotan, Gilda Popescu
Institutul de Pneumologie „Marius Nasta” - Programul Naţional de Control al Tuberculozei

According to the World Health Organization and Stop TB Partnership, tuberculosis among children often remains undiagnosed, the main reported causes being lack of access to health services or because health professionals unrecognizing the signs and symptoms of tuberculosis in this age group. In Romania, consistent with TB endemic levels, the overall incidence progressively decreased from 142.2%ooo in 2002 to 82.8%ooo in 2011, incidence of TB in children 0-14 years dropped steadily from 47.2 %ooo (1784 cases) in the same "peak year" 2002 to 23.6% ooo (766 cases) in 2011.

The distribution of TB disease in children by counties shows variations between these, the explanations may be related both to differences in offer of the bacilli between different areas (prevalence of pulmonary patients smear and/or culture positive) and by deficiencies in the detection of cases and lack of rigor in diagnosis (variation in the incidence of TB in 0-14 years from 2.5%ooo in Sălaj county up to 53.2%ooo in Maramureş county in 2011).

The number of serious cases of TB in children (meningoencephalitis, miliary, cavitary) still maintains a constant high annual rate (65 cases in 2011), which demonstrates the severity of endemic TB in our country. Prompt assurance of TB diagnostic and also the accurate management of TB treatment constitute the guarantee of the decrease of this disease, goal applies to all age groups.

Keywords: tuberculosis, children, epidemiometric indexes