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Respiratory muscle training in pulmonary rehabilitation

Alina Croitoru1, Miron Alexandru Bogdan1,2
1. Institutul de Pneumologie „Marius Nasta“, București; 2. Universitatea de Medicină și Farmacie „Carol Davila“, București


Respiratory muscles are essential in maintaining normal ventilation and adequate gas exchanges. Any imbalance
in their function can lead to clinical symptoms: dyspnea, hypercapnia, exercise intolerance, ineffective cough.
In the pulmonary rehabilitation a particular area is represented by the respiratory muscle training in various lung diseases. Inspiratory muscles training, particularly in COPD patients, has a beneficial effect, resulting in
increased strength and endurance of respiratory muscles, decreased dyspnea level, improved quality of life and exercise tolerance. It is a therapy that can be used alone
or in combination with generalized physical training, especially in patients with inspiratory muscle weakness.


Keywords: respiratory muscle, training, rehabilitation

Combinations of bronchodilators in COPD therapy – „fashionable“ or rule?

Florin Mihălțan
Combinations of bronchodilators in COPD therapy – „fashionable“ or rule?


Combinations of bronchodilators are becoming more and more common in COPD guidelines but also in the practitioner's hand. It starts from the complementary action of two classes of bronchodilators, inhaled anticholinergics and beta 2 adrenergics and have a dynamic evolution analysed in this article, starting with the new rules introduced by the GOLD guide until the possible changes in attitudes of the therapist in the moment when they will have them at their fingertips.

Keywords: COPD, bronchodilator, therapy