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About Pneumologia

The review "Pneumologia" prides itself with being the successor of "Ftiziologia" and "Pneumoftiziolgia", 2011 being the 60th year in which it was published.

The review is published four times per year, in 500 copies. It is structured in several sections that appear in most medical magazines, but also into several specific sections (original papers, clinical cases, tuberculosis in Romania, problems in the fight against smoking and so on).

The articles, written mostly by pneumologists, but also by colleagues of other specialties, are peer-reviewed by 2 anonymous reviewers each, chosen by the college of editorial board based on their competence. The accepted articles (which form the majority) get to be printed soon after.

The review has an informative character, but also educational, especially through it's "To the practitioner" section.

"Pneumologia" is adressed to pneumologists as well as internal medicine doctors, thoracic surgeons, infectionists, reumatologists, family doctors etc.

The review is registered in PubMed, the English abstracts of the articles being available on Medline. It is listed on list B of the reviews credited by CNCSIS (National Council of Scientific Research in Universities), code 483.

The review can host comercials of different pharmaceutical products that regard pneumology, or medical equipment in the field.