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An improved approach in the diagnosis of mediastinopulmonary masses through the CT-guided transthora


Ovidiu Burlacu, Alexandru Nicodin, Voicu Tudorache, Octavian Cretu, Romanita GlajaClinica de Chirurgie Toracica a Spitalului Municipal de Urgenta TimisoaraClinica de Pneumologie a Spitalului „Victor Babes" TimisoaraClinica de Chirurgie Generala a Spitalului Municipal More

Ultrastructural aspects of intercostal muscles in patients with COPD


Narcisa IspasSpitalul Judetean de Urgenta Buzau - Sectia de Pneumoftiziologie 1Contact: narcyis@yahoo.comABSTRACTThe studies to the electron microscope have shown that external and internal intercostal muscles present characteristic changes of ultra structural organization in BP More