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Clinical and epidemiological aspects of TB cases registered in persons aged ≥65 between 2002-2006, at the TB Dispensary of the sector 4, Bucharest

Cristian Didilescu, Mirela Ţigău, Ileana Dediu, Ileana Stoicescu

Institutul de Pneumologie „Marius Nasta", Bucureşti



The study objectives were to find clinical and epidemiological aspects of TB cases registered between 2002-2006 in persons aged ≥65 years that belong to the TB Dispensary of the Sector 4 - Bucharest. TB incidence in Romania at age group ≥65 years was in 2006 94%ooo (68,6%ooo in Sector 4 - Bucharest). 153 new cases and 28 relapses were registered during 2002-2006, the highest percentage was between 68 and 78 years old. In 96.7% the tracking was passive and relatively delayed, with a 2.5 month mean from the onset of symptoms. The anatomical-radiological forms, caseous-extended and cavitary, represented 36% of the cases and the peripheral limph node TB was the most frequent between the extrapulmonary forms - 9,8%. The bacteriological confirmation was 81.7% in new TB cases. DOT strategy was applied in 76.8% of cases (139). The success rate of the therapy in the all cohort was 73.9% and the mortality was 20.4%. The introduction of a clinical surveillance system of the persons aged ≥65 years with a risk to develop the disease remain to be realised along with the application of the National Programme for TB Control 2007-2011.