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How does the editorial process go?

When an article is submitted to the editor, it receives a number which is communicated to the corresponding author.

Next, the article is checked for the mandatory elements: authors affiliation, address for correspondence, abstract, keywords, references, figures legend. The authors are asked to fill in the missing elements.

Next, the article is forwarded to two independent reviewers, with expertise in the topic of the paper, along with an evaluation form. The reviewers evaluate the paper: structure, fluence, accuracy of methods and results, relevance of citations. Then, they draw a conclusion (publish/need changes/do not publish), and present suggestions for changes or justify the do-not-pulish recommendation. The reviewers are always anonimus.

Based on reviewers suggestions, the editor initiates a correpondence with the author by e-mail, in order to improve the content of the paper. Sometimes several messages need to be exchanged and successive corrections are needed before reaching the final version.

The articles that are not appropriate for the journal (topic unrelated to the journal's field or non scientific materials) will be rejected immediately by the editor, without beeing forwarded to the reviewers.

After being checked and corrected, the articles constitute the summary of an issue, bringing together original papers, reviews and case reports.

The editors check each article "by the letter", correct any typos, check the figures legends and table titles, the references. Then, the articles are sent to the publisher, who includes the materials in the journal template and arranges them in pages. The publisher sends the complete version as pdf back to the editor, for check-up. This step is typically repeated 2-3 times, until all errors are corrected. The final version receives "Imprimatur" and is printed.

The publisher sends to the editor the articles as separate pdf files, and the editor forwards them to the authors.

Printed journal is distributed to the members of the Romanian Society of Pulmonology and to libraries and databases. Electronic version is send to PubMed, Elsevier and EBSCO.