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The effects on growth velocity of inhaled corticosteroids therapy in children with asthma

Marilena Crişan1, Mircea Nanulescu2, Paraschiva Cherecheş Panţa2, Mirela Popa2, Mihaela Farcău3, Mariana Mureşan2, Gabriela Ichim2

1 Spitalul Clinic de Copii, Oradea

2 U.M.F "Iuliu Haţegan", Clinica Pediatrie III, Cluj-Napoca
3 Spitalul Clinic de Copii, Clinica Pediatrie III, Cluj-Napoca



Introduction: Studies have demonstrated growth suppressive effects in case of use of inhaled corticosteroids therapy.

Objective: To assess growth velocity during 12 months of inhaled corticosteroids therapy in children with persistent asthma.

Methods: Measurements of height were performed in the study group including 109 children with mild and moderately severe, persistent asthma, after 12 month with low or medium doses of either beclomethasone dipropionate or fluticasone propionate. The results were compared with a control group including 71 children with asthma treated with montelukast or cromones.

Results: There were statistically significant differences between study group and controls concerning the growth velocity after 3 months of inhaled glucocorticoid therapy (GSI).

Conclusions: The velocity of growth was decreased in the study group compared to controls after 3 months of treatment, but the differences become unsignificant after 12 months of therapy.

Key words: asthma, child, inhaled glucocorticosteroids, growth velocity.